A Bracing and Bluntly Honest Look at the Spiritual Health of Children

Every once in a while I like to read a self-publishe book from an African Author, or at least an international author with a particular style, as I find it a change of pace from the sort of books I read normally. While this book was not about a subject of immediate personal interest, seeing as I am not a parent, after all, I figured it might be a read, but the book exceeded every potential expectation in terms of its worth. It is hard to wonder how a book that barely reaches 100 pages could be considered an enhanced and expanded edition, but this book was apparently even smaller in its original form. That said, this is a book that can hold its own in worth against books many times its size, even if it is written about a subject that makes it clear why this book  was self-published. It is hard to imagine many American Publishers willing to take on an extremely blunt book written largely about the spiritual warfare that young people face, with a special focus on demon influence and possession. What this book offers that sets it apart from other books in the encouraging/admonishing parents and teens that I have read, is that this book seeks both to categorize different children someone appears to be like. While much of this diagnosis is harsh, not all of it is, and there are prayers focused as well. Of note as well is the way the author begins by calling on parents to recognize how their own unmanaged life trauma and patterns of behavior have shaped their children, and the way in which parental neglect and abuse allows for the influence of dark spirits that can take children down the wrong path. Since parents don't stop worrying about their children or what their children are up to when they turn eighteen  years of age, this book has a much wider relevance than may be assumed to be the case by many who encounter this book. This may be the only book I have ever read that urges its readers to fast and then pray..........  READ MORE

Wonderful & Powerful Book 

What an inspiring, wonderful and powerful book!

​The truths and revelations in this book completely revolutionized my thinking and life. The testimonies in this book greatly encouraged and boosted my faith. This book is an eye-opener; it is a must read for all who desire a positive & radical change in life. I recommend this book for all who want to live life to the fullest and be the best God ordained them to be. God bless the author!

Are you discouraged about prayer?

Do you wonder why your prayers haven't given you many answers?

Do you understand that prayer is the most powerful singular tool in the believer's arsenal?

Yet it's our most underused and misused weapon. 

​In the pages of Prayer, Power and Results! you will gain understanding of the power of prayer and the proper way to pray to get results.

Do you feel powerless?

Is life just tossing you around like the wind? 

This book will show you what it takes to have power and live the life God wants for you. 

You can move mountains if you know how. 

In this incredible book you will find how to pray, why and when to pray, and what to pray. It is an easy read, yet profound, powerful and inspirational. You will find thousands of uncommon biblical prayer points inspired by God, crafted for specific life situations so that you will never say I don't know what or how to pray every again. You will be amazed at the results and testimonies. 

If you want to breakthrough in prayer while developing your spiritual life, you must read this book.

It will blow your mind!!!

Don't let go of your chance to change your life today. 

Prayer, Power & Results! by Abolaji Muyiwa Akinbo

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Do you know that there are different types and classifications of children in the Bible?

These classifications explain everything you need to know about yourself and your children. It explains your childhood and your children's behavior today. It shows you Bible specifics and tendencies. 

This book is quite captivating and will motivate you to investigate what the author interprets as bondage. Given that there are countless influences and forces that draw children in different directions, readers will be interested to see God's viewpoint. 

Your present trauma came from your past drama. Today's drama is linked to yesterday's drama. If your childhood is wounded, your parenting philosophy will be affected irrespective of how much you love your children. Fixing your mindset, and personal quirks is crucial. 

The topic of this nonfiction book is one of great interest to parents of all ages. It seeks to wake parents up to the subtle travesties happening in their children. 

Biblical stories and true life stories are exceptionally used within the context of this book, to highlight examples of individuals who didn't resolve their issues within themselves, only to see them manifested in their offspring. 

This book's approach will educate parents on getting to the source of issues within themselves, and their families. The author concentrates on several areas that parents may deal with internally, offering sound biblical advice and God's direction. It's an eye-opener to readers about what is going on around them. In these last days, this book is an essential tool to assist parents and non-parents alike, in understanding how to bring about God's destiny for their lives, and their children. This is a must read because it helps you understand yourself and your offspring.  

Parents! Loose your Children from Bondage by Abolaji Muyiwa Akinbo

(Enhanced Edition)

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Do you know the truth of who you are in God's eyes?

Have you wondered how to live a victorious life?

Created to Manifest will open your mind to powers that lay dormant, strengths that are virtually untapped and privileges often hidden from believers due to lack of knowledge.

Knowing the truth about your life will surely set you free. 

​Abolaji Muyiwa Akinbo writes in a simple, yet profound way to share his in-depth study of who God is, and who we really are. Created to manifest will inspire you on a very deep spiritual level. You will never look at life's situations the same again. The biblical truths in these pages, will change your life forever.

Created to Manifest by Abolaji Muyiwa Akinbo

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Jesus Application by Abolaji Muyiwa Akinbo

​CD Collection

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Jesus Application is a powerful message series about applying Jesus in all we do. 

We must not be Christians by mouth, but living as a Christian through the power of Christ on a daily basis; working the work of Christ, and walking in the supernatural. 

Jesus says: "If you believe, what I do you will do, and greater works shall you do". 

We can heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out devils, and be the extension of Christ on Earth destroying the works of the devil. 

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Must Read!

​This book is a must read for any believer searching for their purpose.  This book proves our identity through Christ and defines what we believers are truly capable of. I am a little g, I have authority on this earth! Now it is my time to exercise it!