Best Selling Author, Abolaji Muyiwa Akinbo, Returns to Africa for Speaking Tour.

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Pastor Teaches Parents How to Set their Children Free

Every once in a while I like to read a self-published book from an African author, or at least an international author with a particular style [1], as I find it a change of pace from the sort of books I read normally. While this book was not about a subject of immediate personal interest, seeing as I am not a parent, after all, I figured it might be a read, but the book exceeded every potential expectation in terms of its worth. It is hard to wonder how a book that barely reaches 100 pages could be considered an enhanced and expanded edition, but this book was apparently even smaller in its original form. That said, this is a book that can hold its own in worth against books many times its size, even if it is written about a subject that makes it clear why this book was self-published. It is hard to imagine many American publishers willing to take on an extremely blunt book written largely about the spiritual warfare that young people face, with a special focus on demon influence and possession. What this book offers that sets it apart from other books in the encouraging/admonishing parents and teens that I have read is that this book seeks both to categorize different children (and teenagers, and even adult children) and offer specific guidance based on which biblical children someone appears to be like. While much of this diagnosis is harsh [2], not all of it is [3], and there are prayers focused as well. Of note as well is the way that the author begins by calling on parents to recognize how their own unmanaged life trauma and patterns of behavior have shaped their children, and the way in which parental neglect and abuse allows for the influence of dark spirits that can take children down the wrong path...... READ MORE